Portsoy Church Centre Development 

Hopefully those of you who are local will have had the chance to see our new Church and enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere but if not please join us.

Green and copper beech hedging has been planted around the car drop off point which once mature should mean we can remove the wooden fencing. The steep banks below the fencing have been planted with low growing cotoneaster shrubs which should eventually cover the banks.

Internally we have improved the general level of lighting in the main hall/sanctuary for nightime use or very dull days by the installation of additional floodlights.

The building was, until COVID-19, also increasingly being used for a wide range of activities including funeral teas and theatre groups as well as the usual coffee mornings, and other fundraisers. Coronavirus has had a severe impact on our fundraising to repay our loans.

We have a number of bills to pay in addition to the work above but we are hoping that our budget will cover that. However our budget still includes a planned £25,000 in loans which will need to be repaid over 3-5 years. Over 5 years we would need to repay at least £5,000 per year (not including any interest payments) and this is a cost over and above our normal costs. Your financial help is still therefore urgently required even though the Church Centre is nearly complete. If you are able to make a cash donation we could pay off the loans more quickly or alternatively if you have not already committed to do so a regular monthly payment over 5 years would help with the ongoing costs of repaying the loans. Please help if you can.

If you feel able to help please contact our treasurer Ishbel Mackinnon ishbel.mackinnon@btinternet.com or telephone: 01261842545.

For photographs of the develpment from beginning to end just click here.



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